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...is an entry to the ClimateJam 2020 and also the first game I developed.

Overall the game is inspired by two words: Adapt and "Schweinehund".

"Schweinehund" is german and means according to the internet "Your Weaker Self". 

This game visualizes the weaker self that is sabotaging the players score by turning on lamps or "placing" trash. The goal of the game is to overcome the weaker self by overhauling it, but also by taking small actions that have a positive impact on environmental issues. Currently the available actions are restricted to turning off lights, collecting and recycling trash (there are more ideas that will be implemented in the future). 

I think the idea highlights that we need to adapt to the current situation around environmental issues by taking the first step of overcoming our weaker selfes.

What I like about the game idea is that the player has to make the decision of overhauling the weaker self or to risk loosing to take another action.

The current game still has some issues that I couldn't fix on time (as the close ups of the characters in the dialog that are not showing). 

I hope you can enjoy the game nontheless and I am looking forward to your feedback :)

Install instructions

The .zip contains two files. Unzip into a folder and run OvercomeYourWeakerSelf.exe. Make sure that OvercomeYourWeakerSelf.pck is contained in the same folder as the .exe file.


OvercomeYourWeakerSelf0.2.zip 108 MB

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